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The Student Wellness and Support Services Department has received over $20 Million in grant funds to support our overarching mission to provide a safe learning environment for ALL students.
All current grants are listed below. Click on an individual grant to learn more.
> Education Innovation Research Grant (EIR)

Project YEES (Youth Educational and Emotional Supports) is a research grant that will study the impact of a multi-tiered program to reach high-needs students at a variety of stages, including school-wide interventions (Tier 1), therapeutic mental health services and substance abuse counseling services (Tiers 2 & 3), Saturday School (Tier 3), and Parent University.

> Learning Communities for School Success Program (LCSSP)

To improve student outcomes by reducing truancy, chronic absenteeism, disciplinary incidents, and improving school climate.

> Mental Health Service Professionals Grant (MHDSP)

To expand the pipeline of mental health professionals into high-need public schools.

> Project Prevent Grant (P2)

To increase our capacity to break the cycle of violence by identifying, assessing, and serving students exposed to pervasive violence.

> Prop 47 Grant

To expand capacity to effectively meet the needs of juveniles in the criminal justice system.

> School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG)

To develop, enhance, and expand a system of support implementing an evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all PUSD students.

> School Violence Prevention Program Grant (SVPP)

To increase the capacity of PUSD to implement strategies that improve security at schools and on school grounds through funding for personnel, technology, equipment and training.

> STOP School Violence Threat Assessment Grant

To create an actionable plan to develop and conduct evidence-based threat assessments for all PUSD school sites.

> STOP School Violence Training Grant

To improve school safety by providing the resources to expand our capacity to effectively prevent school violence by the training of school personnel and the education of students.